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MarketingWISE is a business that is passionate about taking other businesses to the next level by offering a complete 360 approach of marketing planning, implementation, campaign management and reporting service.

“Our passion is Marketing, our expertise is Essential and our focus is on YOUR business!”

Marketing Strategy & Consulting

We have 13 years experience in sales, marketing, advertising and brand building in various industry types and are looking forward to assisting YOUR business with your marketing needs. Our focus is on small to medium size companies that does not have a full time Marketing Manager, but would like to use the expertise of a consultant that is able to serve that purpose at a fraction of the cost of a full time salary. Our consultation packages are based on the amount of hours that your company may need a Marketing Consultant on a weekly basis, i.e. 2 hours / 4 hours or 8 hours per week.


Once your marketing strategy / brand strategy is in place, the implementation needs to be done. Who would be better than the person that assisted with the planning and strategy to manage and do the implementation for you?

MarketingWISE has the following main implementation divisions: website design, graphic design and printing as well as to oversee other brand building and advertising campaigns for you.

Website Design – We have more than 8 years website design experience and our websites are professionally designed. Our websites are designed in-house to ensure that you receive optimal benefits and that the project is completed successfully and to our high standards. BONUS: Websites are payable in 3 installments.

Graphic Design – We are passionate about logo design, corporate stationery design including letterheads, email signatures etc. as well as advertisement designing and packaging designs. This is also done in-house.

Printing – Professionally printed business cards and flyers as well as presentation folders, letterheads etc. Our printing service includes a FREE delivery in Pretoria area to your business addresses.

Campaign Management and Reporting

MarketingWISE pride ourselves in being able to offer a full circle service offering, including your campaign management and reporting of target reach and lead generation. This is also done in-house to ensure fast, reliable reporting and management of your campaigns. Some of our campaign management and reporting areas are:

  • Online Campaigns (Google Adwords and SEO)
  • Social Media
  • Print media / sales team assistance

As a conclusion, the result that we want to achieve for your business is growth by means of Advertising, Brand building and Lead Generation – in short – we are MarketingWISE.

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